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Steven R. Harrel


He Shall Confirm a Covenant

“The subject material for the End Times is massive, requiring an impressive number of Bible verses simply to effectively cover the main topics. Regardless of the number of verses devoted to the subject, Daniel 9:24–27 will certainly stand as a cornerstone to the subject and is one of the most likely to be misinterpreted. It is from this section the name the Great Consummation is derived, along with its duration and notification of the coming Messiah and His new covenant.

As previously mentioned, God intentionally concealed much of the End Times information, holding fast to revelation until the time of the end. The concealment resulted in a high misinterpretation ratio for Daniel 9:24–27. For this reason, the Seventy Weeks of Daniel must be handled with great care. Be advised, misconstruing Daniel 9:24–27 is comparable to a topographer calculating a bearing using east instead of west and then wondering why people become disoriented. At the very least, the topographer will send his or her reader in the opposite or wrong direction. The most common mistake made with Daniel 9:27 is to incorrectly identify the person of the prince in verse 26 and then apply this error to the pronoun he in verse 27.

The answer to “he” is paramount to discovering the true purpose of and for the overall prophecy. Because the Seventy Weeks of Daniel must be covered meticulously and the four verses contain volumes of previously hidden information, it is necessary for these four verses to be repeated frequently. The obvious advantage is readers will become incredibly familiar with the four primary verses and eventually learn the meaning behind the Seventy Weeks of Daniel prophecy.”

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