Syncretism: Mixing Beliefs

Mark 7

With respect to the Word of God,

Syncretism is mixing the Holy with the profane.

Most Christian denominations and pastors absolutely know the truth about pagan-influenced Easter and other pagan holidays that are celebrated in the name of Jesus Christ.

The Golden Calf incident in Exodus 32 tells us all we need to know about what God thinks about man celebrating/worshiping God how man prefers to worship instead of how God explicitly told us to worship.

The new testament makes clear that once gentiles are born again in Christ, we are grafted into Israel. Not as Jews; but as Children of God.

Just as stiff-necked and disobedient Israelites were dispersed throughout the nations, is it not possible that stiff-necked and disobedient Christians too have been dispersed through 1000+ completely non-scriptural Christian denominations?



I am not a seventh day adventist, nor am I part of the Hebrew/Jewish root movement.

I am a bible-believing, non-denominational born-again Christian who believes in the common, contextual,  and literal-relevant reading of the totality of bible.

I am saved through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ, and by no works of myself. My faith and love for my Creator and Savior is expressed in my deep desire to be obedient to His Word,  to seek His truth and to conform to His Will.


What  holy-days are the children of God to celebrate?

What did Jesus celebrate?

What did the early Christians celebrate?

feast days_1


Pray for Discernment

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The Lord’s Feast Days are NOT Jewish Holidays.

There are Jewish man-made holidays and those, along with burdensome Rabbinic laws are no different than how stiff-necked Christians celebrate holidays and how some denominations have completely corrupted the Word of God.


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As the Lord’s Spring Feasts are soon to be upon us and traditions created by the Catholic church and observed by both Catholic derivative denominations and protestant churches have commenced, I pray that each Christian deeply study the bible, and pray for truth on this important matter.

In the precious name of Jesus,