Leviticus 23:5-6

Passover 4 Card


If we believe that the Holy Bible  is the inerrant and inspired Word of God, and we know that God hates traditions of man and He hates mixing the Holy with the profane, where is Easter in the scriptures and why do we even celebrate it?

According to the bible, “there are three feasts that will be celebrated on Earth [not only for Jews] throughout the Millennium Reign of Christ. In addition to Tabernacles, a 7 day Fall Feast, Passover and Unleavened Bread will be combined into a 7 day spring celebration. (Ezek. 45:21-25)”  — Excerpt from Grace thru Faith.

If we as Christians are to rule and reign with Christ on Earth during the Millennial Kingdom,  how can we do so with any credibility if today we ignore the Lord’s Feast Days  and continue to hold to our own desires, despite clear knowledge and understanding of our pagan infused rituals and holidays.  We insist on celebrating with man-made traditions and culture. We worship God how we want to do it and not how He wants us to worship Him.

How are we any different than the disobedient Israelites with their Golden Calf, the pagan worshipers, and the worshipers of Baal? We’re not.  We are totally them. Totally willfully disobedient.

While the blood of Jesus  has atoned for the sins of the world, God did not create man in order to save him. Our salvation is not the final purpose for our lives. Our salvation in Christ is the mere first step towards an eternity of  glorifying our Creator and living in Holiness with Him. It’s not about us and what we want. It’s about doing the Will of our Father.

Pray for discernment.