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Many Christians were unwittingly thrilled when on Purim (A completely non-biblical festival — no different than idolatrous Carnival or Halloween)  DJT declared that the United States would fully recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

I, along with a few others  on the Internet, were not. In fact, it was the first time with Trump as POTUS, that I wondered about his agenda. The second time was when very recently,  SOS Pompeo stated that we will fight until the rapture.

It’s one thing to be a vessel of the Lord, but quite another to  work independent of Him…and to what end?  Had Mr. Pompeo mentioned scripture  or provided more specific biblical context, I might not be at this point now of wanting to make a post about these recent so called or possible prophetic fulfillments and statements.

If  DJT’s  Golan Heights declaration had not been on Purim, but on a holy and  biblical feast day, I might not be as concerned as I am right now. Purim is a paganized Jewish festival where syncretism abounds (mixing the holy with the profane) and where debauchery and deception is celebrated under the guise of the story of Esther.

Does this sound (or look)  like anything that our Holy Father would bless and sanctify?



Source:  Secret Tel Aviv



Source:  Secret Tel Aviv



Source:  Secret Tel Aviv


In short, on Purim, people are encouraged to mask themselves and get so drunk that they can no longer distinguish between Haman (A Persian high court official who wanted to destroy the Jews) and Mordecai (the Jewish official in the Persian high court due to his relationship with Queen Esther, who wanted to stop the plot against the Jews).


Purim is a Jewish Holiday where it is commanded that we get wasted – Yalla Balagan! — Secret Tel Aviv

Is the unsettling connection beginning to make more sense now?



Source: Israel 21c

In Newsweek:


Source: An Israeli man takes part in a parade to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim in the central Israeli city of Netanya on February 24, 2013.   JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images 


“Adloyada” refers to the Talmudic adage that on Purim Jews should drink until they cannot tell the difference (ad lo yada) between the holiday’s main characters, the evil Haman who plotted to kill the Jews in the ancient Persian Empire, and the heroic Mordechai, who helps foil the plot.


Trojan Horses on Purim???

Source:  Israel 21c