Idolatry & Disobedience




Who are the lost? They are the radicalized, who spit
and spew: victims of their own identity politics;



they are the trinket-makers of false idols that we unwittingly bow
to and pray to, blindly gazing at ourselves and others,
virtually enchanted;




and they are the leaders of industry and influence                                                                  —  professors, preachers and politicians alike,
with clout and cultural sensitivities, who betray the rest.




All of it: from appeasement and accommodation

to judgment or indifference goes against the commandment
to love.


Why should we love those who hate us and pray
for those who persecute us?


Because in Isaiah 45:7,  our Father said this:


“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”


We must ask ourselves, under what conditions revealed in the Holy Bible did God allow people  to be taken over by a reprobate mind and nations to be divided,  ripped apart and destroyed – the protection and blessings of our loving Father, far removed from the land?

Two things alone:

  • Disobedience to His Commandments


Under what condition was restoration possible?



The atoning blood of Jesus Christ for the sins [transgressing God’s laws] of the world saves us from the penalty of sin, which is death, each of us who accept, confess and believe in Him alone as Savior.

But nowhere in the bible does it say that the  death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ  saves us  from the individual  and corporate/national consequences of continued idolatry and disobedience while living  on this earth.


Test and check your idolatry. Do you have a golden calf in your life? Are you mixing the Holy with the profane?

Test  and check your obedience to the commandments of God. Start with the Ten commandments, written by the very finger of  our Father.


For those  Christians who insist that Jesus nailed the law to the cross; and that we are no longer under the law, so to speak,  I counter that he nailed the penalty of sin to the cross. If His sacrifice  nailed the actual law to the cross, then there would be no more sin, and if there would be no  sin, then there would be no need for repentance, justice, mercy, or grace.

Why worry about abortion, fornication, adultery,  lying, stealing, cheating, murder, lust, divorce, Allow all to live as they please — those under the blood of Christ are without the law aka lawless. If the law is written on our hearts (which it is to those who are born again in Christ), then we would want to be obedient to our Father and so we would  happily and reverently follow  His commandments.

Following God’s commandments is not to obtain salvation, but to demonstrate our faith and gratitude in the saving grace of Christ. Why would Jesus admonish the seven churches to repent in Revelation 2 and 3 if there were no laws to transgress? The Revelation of Jesus Christ to John by Jesus, through an Angel occurred and was written well after Jesus ascended.

No, let’s be honest with each other: the corporate church  really only nails  two laws to the cross, which represent the 4 commandments that  specifically glorify God.

  1. The holy, sanctified Sabbath day of rest, modeled by God in Genesis, therefore it predates the Jews.
  2. The seven  holy feast days of the Lord replacing God’s specific instructions for how to worship and glorify Him,  with our OWN traditions, which are pagan-infused Christmas and Easter. We  want our golden calf, after all. We also love Halloween.



Where does this overt idolatry and disobedience come from?

From the  very bowels of satan.