What Is The Agenda?


In the past 24 hours, multiple media sites, including in WND  [link is to the article — please take time to read it; it’s pretty shocking and eye-opening] have reported on  the transgender  weightlifter, who in this case  is a biologic male (objective truth) who is identifying as a woman (subjective relativism), crushing all records of female weightlifters in a single day.

Make no mistake, the primary reason for now calling these people transgenders instead of  what used to be termed (incorrectly) as transsexuals, is because it’s  correct terminology. Sex (what you ARE biologically, as an objective fact) and gender (how you identify in your own mind, as a subjective fantasy) are not the same, but neither the media, nor the medical establishment will do the public a service to clearly differentiate the facts and objective truth from relativism and so the proper narrative is being lost on the rational  and increasingly uncomfortable public, as they discuss this issue completely ineffectively.

The narrative for all people who clearly see the insanity and  who would like to to begin to shed light on and break the progressive enchantment of the ‘Emperors New Clothes’ is to no longer use the gender terms of men, women, girls, and boys and keep your language objective to simple male and female — at all times.


Arguing that men who identify as women should not be allowed to participate in women’s athletics….that is a lost argument from the get-go.  [this is  gender-based and so it’s relativistic.]

It would be more accurate to state that males who in their own minds, see themselves as women, should not be allowed to participate in female athletics. [This is objective and factual.]

NOTE: This has been all prophesied in the bible, that is, what to expect  in the last days, as satan is attempting to corrupt ALL of God’s creation (food, air, water, animals, etc…), using multiple means, attempting even to redefine what it means to be human.

God created two sexes, to cleave to each other. Not multiple genders and multiple types of cleavings, including with animals (chimera, cloning, CRISPR, genetic modification, putting human parts into animals and vise versa) and AI/robots (for sex, companionship, convenience, entertainment, body-parts, or any interface)  It’s important to realize that this is all connected! Some things may seem beneficial,  but they are necessary steps to convince the public that the progress is positive. It’s not.

Transhumanism is real and satanic. Do not fall for  technology or the ‘wow’ factor in the name of medicine, science, convenience, efficiency, climate change,  or advancement.