In The Beginning: The Pentateuch | God’s Love, God’s Glory



Because I  believe we are in the season of the last days, I would like to release copyright protected selected  notes and excerpts from a new ebook that God willing, if we are still here, will be published later, possible early next year.  The point of the book is to direct people back to the original purpose of God’s laws, commandments and statutes and to make a scriptural case that His instructions to His people (ALL people born again in Christ!) have never been abolished.

Jesus took the penalty of our sins for us. He not only paid the debt for the sins of the world, He became our sin, so that we may be imputed with His righteousness. Sin is defined as transgressing the law. It is not the law itself. The law itself is holy, pure, and righteous,  created for the benefit of mankind to live blessed, peaceful, healthy, righteous, just, and honorable lives. 

For the spiritually regenerate believer in Christ, the Holy Spirit directs us through progressive sanctification to become more holy, even as we still exist in a physically, fleshly, sin-desired mortal body.We may falter in sin at times, but we are saved from the penalty of all our sins, which is spiritual death — through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ.  We will be convicted of our sins, we will repent of our sins, we will hate our sins, and  we  will be guided by the Holy Spirit towards holiness until we are finally converted in glorification from mortal to immortal and corruptible to incorruptible!


Selected notes and excerpts:

In the Beginning:  The Pentateuch | God’s Love, God’s Glory :

“While there are arguably  613 instructions in the Pentateuch [The first 5 books of the Holy Bible] of which only a fraction of the total  may be for any specific person (some laws are just for the priests, for example), the Federal government  in the USA has 10,000’s  upon 1,000’s of laws and statutes!! Whose laws are burdensome? Those few that are intended to keep you alive and healthy (eg, God’s dietary laws) or those that take away your God-given freedoms?

Think for a moment why our Father did not want His people to eat animals and sea creatures that were created by Him to be the literal waste receptacles and toxin filters for nature? Why would God want His people to ingest the ‘unclean’ creatures? Imagine a world without antibiotics,   when humans had absolutely NO knowledge of germs and viruses, nor of air-borne,  water-borne, and blood-borne diseases, nor  of modern sanitation methods. Then go back and read Leviticus with common-sense eyes! God showed us how to prevent diseases and prevent the spread of diseases. He showed us the basic principles of primary prevention and how to stop the spread of diseases through quarantine methods,  and by not  mixing  the holy with the profane. There is a good reason why for instance, He said don’t ingest animal blood (cook your meat thoroughly!)

Being disobedient to God’s glorious and perfect laws in those days would first cause absolute agony and physical death  before the spiritual death  of an unrepentant and disobedient/willful heart!

Nowadays, people are more interested in man-made approaches towards  health and disease,  which is to do whatever you like now, and later, when you are sick, we’ll deal with  your problems and enslave you financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually within the modern medical system!

God was all about primary prevention. TRUE prevention! Every public health professional will tell you the same thing:

The number one means of disease prevention is NO exposure to the causal agents!!

As written in scripture — “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof is the ways of death.” — Proverbs 14:12.   Man’s ways  truly do lead to death:

  • Want to have anal sex — go ahead — here’s a condom! Oops, condom broke? Here’s lifelong medication.
  • Go ahead and have sex outside of marriage! Ooops, got pregnant? Here, have an abortion!
  • Go ahead and eat seafood/bottomfeeders that are designed to ingest waste and filter toxins! Oops,  got a tummy ache? Here, take an antibiotic.
  • Go ahead and eat unnatural foods doused with carcinogens! Oops, got cancer? We will cut, burn, and poison the invading tumors which exist within your body — thereby cutting you, burning you, and poisoning you!!
  • Eat, drink, and be oh so merry!! Have heart disease? Here’s surgery and medication for all that. Oh yes, we may need to implant pig (an unclean animal) parts into you.

God already revealed to each of us through His Word how to remain healthy in order to live a long and blessed life. Look at all the chemicals and processes that are used to  make unclean animals clean enough to eat…and still recalls abound. Modern water sanitation methods do not  filter out all the Big Pharma medication and other non-tested substances that you are unknowingly drinking.

We are but one serious event away from a potential  ‘catastrophic consequence’ to our current way of life! We may not always have the medication, healthcare system, and infrastructure required to keep individuals and groups of people living in close quarters healthy and disease-free without the knowledge of and obedience to the beloved laws given to us by YHWH to guide us. This may have special implications not only for 5th seal and tribulation saints, but also during times of disaster before the rapture.

Am I saying that we all ought to go back to  living as our spiritual ancestors lived during the times of Leviticus? No. Not necessarily precisely as they lived — but definitely  in our modern age of convenience, technology,  medical advancements, and knowledge, to nonetheless give ALL Thanks, Praise and Glory to God for His love and instructions and that we do live  cleanly,  cautiously, humbly,  justly, lovingly, and moderately in the Spirit of what God intended for us as His children,  so that we  remain blessed and healthy in our mortal bodies.

Modern medicine has been a blessing for many if used appropriately, especially when we do become sick or injured. Remember though that there is a huge difference between what to do after you become sick or injured, which is where the medical system generally steps in,  but more often treats the symptoms instead of the underlying problem,  compared to primary prevention, which is not to get sick in the first place! Please do not extrapolate anything beyond the instructions within the Word of God. We are not to be like the Pharisees and Sadducees, which Jesus hated and Paul preached against. If it’s not in the Holy Bible — do not add it! If it’s in the Holy Bible, do not dismiss it!

With fresh eyes and an open heart, look again at the Torah given to us through the Word of God, and identify which of those  instructions  apply to you  and pray  to our Father, in the name of Jesus, how being obedient to the Word of God may bless you. Where in your life are you relying  more on man-made systems of health, justice, and social order instead of on God alone? Where have you elevated man-made systems  over God?  Is that also not idolatry?

Pray for understanding my dear brethren! In these last days, your life may very well depend upon it.

No matter where you stand on this topic at this time: PLEASE do not  disparage, mock or dismiss YHVH’s laws, commandments and statutes.

Give Glory to our Father — The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob — for ALL He has provided to us through His Word.