Revelation -Timeline of the End- Series

Revelation's Timelines of the End

I want to share a very interesting bible study on the Book of Revelation, taught by Mrs. Brenda Weltner, who has been a bible teacher for over 30 years. I recommend this Revelation series for several reasons:

  1. Each video is bite-sized — on average, about 10 minutes long.

  2. The timeline of end-time events that she has created — based on her study of the bible, and specifically the book of Revelation,  is quite novel, yet scriptural. In order to get the most out of this series, it’s probably best that you momentarily place your assumptions and beliefs about the end-times on the sideline. Many mature Christians have had several aha moments of new understanding, myself included, although I would not characterize myself as a mature Christian.

  3.  The teaching approach itself is very agreeable and you will most likely look forward to the next video.

There is alot of information to take in over time, so be patient with yourself. She will soon provide a completed timeline so that interested viewers can study afterwards, and also to help follow along with each video. She answers all questions in the comment section, in a fairly timely manner.

The series is probably best for believers-in-Christ who have some knowledge of scripture and end-times events. A few readings of the book of Revelation under the belt, may be helpful.

That being said, anyone who is called to watch this series, by all means — please do!

As of this post, there are 40 videos in the playlist. The order matters, starting with video 1, since the information builds upon the previous videos.


I am providing the playlist link here:

   Revelation Series by Brenda Weltner