Romans 8:36


“As it is written, for thy sake we are killed all the day long, we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.”



PLEASE Beware Brothers and Sisters, because the discord (among the brethren) and deception (we will be beguiled, even as, or more so, than  Eve) on earth right now is as intense as I have ever imagined it to be towards believers -in-Christ.

The mission of satan to steal, kill, and destroy is upon us,   and on hyperdrive. The methods used will be like nothing you expect. He has for ages… and continues  even now to use our faith and love of Christ to ensnare us and then lead us first to what I would call micro-falls.

Today, I experienced the work of the devil at hand. I was beguiled during a very mundane normal exchange with a lovely stranger who I sincerely thought was a believer-in-Christ.  Tonight, I’m not certain if  this is actually true or not — but at the time, I had no reason to doubt it, and in fact  I was very happy to meet and talk with such a like-minded person. But in any case — the Holy Spirit  woke me from sleep and actually showed me the playbook of satan from  that very simple grocery store exchange and this afternoon, in that grocery store,  I was ‘Eve’,  totally beguiled and deceived.

Make no mistake, the friendly stranger could certainly have been a true brethren-in-Christ and the exchange may very well have been perfectly  benign. Still, the Holy Spirit has taken that exchange to show me deep truths about how we will be beguiled and deceived, and how it could look.

Here is a quick summary of the grocery store exchange and the main issues the Holy Spirit brought to my attention:


Boarshead is a well known brand of premium deli meats.

Boarshead London Broil Roast Beef  is expensive at $9.99 per pound and it’s a deli meat I would NEVER purchase at that price [Second reg flag]. You might be asking, what is the first red flag?

The BRAND name and image!!!

I have been a HUGE guardian against worldly satanic brands, icons, images… and this one I missed completely.  Nothing is by coincidence or  chance. There is black and white,  and red lines in the sand everywhere. I completely missed such a stark and obvious image, having purchased their hummus on occasion.                     

Microfall #1.

By the way, if you want to see a real show of Baal images and icons — go to the wine section and look at the names and images. It will be a real eye opener.

Is what we see, hear,  interface with…and so on, from  God or is it from Satan?  That’s it.  That is what we MUST come to discern,  now more than ever in these last days.

We are living behind enemy lines. And in these end times, the war to destroy us is literally being fought on every front of our lives. Ephesians 6:10-18: putting on the armor of God is  not just a nice scripture, and  the devil is not going to exclusively  use the obviously head-on attack strategy. It’s much more likely that our enemy will cause microfalls:  subtly, cunningly, mundanely — very much like Eve in the garden. Like sheep to slaughter.

HERE IS THE GIST OF THE STORY: I was going through the deli section to get to other parts of the grocery store, when a Boarshead sample table set-up was off center of the traffic lane. I noticed the roast beef and it looked delicious. The back ground story about roast beef is that I have not purchased it in years because deli meats look sick and cadaveric to me. Just gross.   But the samples of roast beef on a toothpick along with  premium mustard looked too good to pass up and so I tried it. It was absolutely fresh and delicious,  as it melted in my mouth,  and the Boarshead representative  came to talk to me. I asked the price and at a hefty  $9.99 per  pound, it was certainly not anything that I would purchase.  I also mentioned my thoughts about deli meats in general. Well, within a few short minutes, what I thought was our mutual Christian faith,   came to the forefront of our conversation, and along with that, found that we had many other similarities as well.  It was a most pleasant exchange and I ended up buying 1/2 pound of boarshead roast beef. I went against my own budget, beliefs, and good sense.                                                              

Microfall #2.

When I got home, the actual Boarshead London broil roast beef that was cut for me looked and tasted like nothing I experienced in the store. It  was cadaveric, greyish and definitely did not melt in my mouth. Surprised, I nonetheless  chocked it up to experience, and left it at that. The Holy Spirit had not yet awakened me to  underlying truths that would later be revealed.

At the store and in the course of our pleasantries, I was also given a website of personal product that the Boarshead rep made as a side gig. Nothing insidious. When I came home, I checked it out. I was surprised by both the name and the image/icon that was chosen. But left it at that. Test everything and discern what it is you are in fact dealing with. Without the Holy Spirit tonight, I most likely would have ended up purchasing a few of those as well, going against my still, small voice —  which can manifest itself as surprise and a little confusion.

Microfall #3.

No doubt, there is a difference between paranoia — which is what the enemy will convince you that you are experiencing,  instead of your clear discerning of the truth (which is actually that you are dealing with deception that can lead to potential microfalls and worse).

We also have to be very cautious about being accusatory of the brethren (which sows deep discord) — which is why I am not going to focus one bit on  trying to figure out if the rep is or is not a Christian…but instead, will cling to Jesus, listen to what the Holy Spirit is bringing to my attention, repent of my microfalls, and praise God for His mercy and grace in this eye-opening situation.

I might never have had these microfalls in the first place if I had remained vigilant in my purchasing habits. Please  do stay far away of all images  by satan and of the beast, my friends. It’s  a big problem now, as you cannot serve two masters,  and it will  be the big downfall for people  living at the midpoint of the tribulation,  when people will die for not worshiping the image of the beast.   The continued proximity and syncretism of these brand icons in our life is the result of willful ignorance, disobedience,   desensitization,  inattention,  and lack of discernment.

Here is one example of some images/brands to pray about:

It’s  no co-incidence either,  that after I came home from grocery shopping, I also watched this  just uploaded new YT video on the image of the beast as part of a bible study series  that is on the book of Revelation!



If you have had a similar experience in this realm, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. The more we can share real world experiences, the better prepared we will all be to handle these situations.