“America, We Are Leaving”



Doctors kill 250,000 people a year. They call them “medical mistakes” because society understands that they do a very difficult job under high stress and they must make the best possible decision in the moment.

Law enforcement is tasked with the same and we are highly successful. Despite the most violent society we have ever seen, less than 1,000 suspects are killed a year. 96% [sic] are attacking us with weapons and all but a few others are attacking us with their cars or their fists and more and more with simulated guns so Benjamin Crump can help their family win the lottery.

I’ve seen cops risk their own lives when they shouldn’t have…….just to keep from taking one.

Cowards are all around us. From chiefs to sheriffs to politicians, no one has our back.


America, We Are Leaving


My Commentary:

No amount of budget redistribution, policy change, or freebie is going to fix the problems of our nation. We have become a Godless nation.

This country and even the world – goes berserk over the inarguably wrongful,  ill treatment, and inhumane death of a black criminal under the authority of an unrepentant police officer, while the next week scores of innocent blacks are killed by black criminals, and not a word is said. Where is the global outrage over senseless murders, rapes, and the evil atrocities to the defenseless and innocent?

Black Lives Do Matter and more than that,  INNOCENT BLACK LIVES MATTER. That includes the millions of black babies that are murdered every year under the guise of reproductive health touted by planned parenthood.

Democratic cities have been totally run by democrats for decades. Why aren’t their cities already models of virtue  and perfect policy making? Why aren’t blacks thriving in their communities? Why continue to trust  people who have run these cities into the ground,  and then blame others for their problems?


The white democrats in Congress / anarchists / wealthy  white liberals  / progressive academics /  their followers and appeasers, are NOT  friends of BLM — make no mistake.

These evil creatures and that IS what they are — they exploit blacks for the simple gain of votes and to tear down a free and prosperous nation, with the goal of EVERYONE who is not a white elite — to be under subjugation to a one world regime.  They honestly believe that they themselves will be in power over the masses. They are but useful idiots.

They will open borders once again, bring in illegal immigrants for slave wage labor,  and destroy any and all progress the poor, women,  blacks and legal immigrants have earned in the past few years,  where  many working Americans have finally flourished again – with hard work, and under a  fair and unencumbered system.

Look at whose communities, small businesses, and fledgling start-ups have been looted and destroyed?  Black communities.  This has been a part of the democrat playbook throughout our history and their goal has always been to destroy the spirit and psyche of every black person. Why? To keep blacks in  personal anguish and satanic subjugation.  Do you see any protests and looting in the Hamptons? Or frankly, where any rich, white liberal elite lives?

No. No. No. Because the goal is to divide and sow hatred among the citizens and to destroy this free and prosperous nation.

Why kill, destroy and loot your own,  the poor,  the working class,  or middle class — no matter what color?  How is that going to change anything?

So NO.  Budget redistributions, policy changes, and/or  freebies are NOT going to fix the problems of our nation.  The police, most certainly, are NOT the problem.


We are a Godless nation.

This Country MUST repent — that is we must change internally — every heart —  and turn to the will of God alone;  certainly never ever bow, kneel, or submit yourself to  a godless man, who is evil day and night.

We must willfully submit ourselves ONLY to a HOLY, RIGHTEOUS and JUST GOD. OUR CREATOR.

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

We MUST pray for forgiveness and realize that NO amount of so called good works can save us. WE ARE SINNERS.

IT is ONLY the atoning blood of Jesus Christ who can save us from the penalty of our sins — which is DEATH .

Jesus – Yeshua, the ONLY Begotten Son of the Living  GOD – YHWH, HE alone died for the sins of the world and HE alone can save us from ourselves.

This time, we must pray for  not only our own salvation, but the salvation of this nation and every godless person, who is currently under the gleeful subjugation of satan.


ONLY FERVENT PRAYER, in the name of Jesus Christ, CAN TURN AWAY EVIL.