I was looking for affordable, American made surgical masks (because why on earth would you buy a mask made in china?) for when masks are required and found Armbrust American!

Excerpts From their website:

  • Medical-grade N95, Surgical and protective face masks designed, developed and produced end-to-end in America (Austin, TX)

  • Each fully-automated assembly line produces 120 masks per minute

  • Vertically integrated factory takes raw US-Made Polypropylene and transforms it into surgical and N95 masks

  • Sterile production facility

  • 1.6 Billion mask annual production capacity

All of our surgical masks are Designed, Developed and Produced end-to-end in the USA (Austin, TX).

Our fully automated production process outputs a clean and near-perfect mask. By vertically integrating, we are building a strategic supply of surgical masks here in the United States, ensuring high-quality output under any conditions.

Using only the highest-quality materials to ensure America’s heroes are protected, our masks are 3rd-party tested at 99%+ Bacterial and Particle filtration.

Our surgical masks are designed to be breathable and lightweight, with 2-way protection for both the wearer and others. The ASTM Level 2 exterior shield provides a medium level fluid protection barrier, while the inner layer ensures comfort and breathability. A full-width nosepiece helps achieve proper fit, with elastic ear loops that keep the mask secured to the face.


Purchasers seem very pleased and the mask  colors are nice! Here is the product page


No, I don’t receive any benefit. I just want to help out others who are seeking an American made affordable mask solution. I bought the 10 pack denim color to try out and will update this post with my review!