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eBooklet Info:  A packed and  succinct ebooklet on why Christians should keep the Sabbath by showing clearly why they do not. The evidence is overwhelming that God has not abandoned his statutes, laws, or commandments. Jesus did not nail God’s perfect, loving, and beneficial instructions to and for mankind — to the cross — he nailed the penalty of sin to the cross: The wages of sin is death. Sin is transgression of the law. Not any ol’ man-made law, but the explicit laws of YHWH, written in the Holy Bible.

Through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ we are saved and have reconciliation and everlasting Life with our Creator!! Jesus took on the debt of our sin which is death, but through His resurrection, we live because He Lives!! All praise and Glory to YHVH, who gave His Only Begotten Son as the final sacrifice for all the sins of the world. Whosoever Acknowledges their sin and prays for forgiveness, Believes on Jesus as Savior, and Confesses Jesus as Savior, shall be saved!

The Sabbath is the ONLY written commandment, the 4th out of 10 written Commandments that God wrote with His own finger and that He has Blessed, made Holy, and has Sanctified. No other commandment  by God has such prominence and stature.

There is NO WAY God broke His own everlasting covenant with His people. All who are In Christ are His people…not just the forefathers  who were the Israelites! At the end of days, the ONLY Jews who are His chosen will be those who repent and believe in Jesus as their Savior and Messiah!!

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