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This website emerged from a need to find a free and Christ-centered online presence for pdf books. The usual secular players have become more complex in recent years. When I took out my old dusty Scribd account for a test run,  much had changed – including a new $8.00 per month membership fee in order to sell books. Other procedures also turned me away. I enjoyed it more when it was less encumbered.

There are other pdf book websites, but the ones I found were not quite as intimate as I would like.  Another reason for avoiding the typical book selling places – like Amazon, Smashwords, Blurb, Lulu and the like,  is that they are all secular,  they require membership,  and they all take their percentages.  Don’t get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with any of that.

It just isn’t for me.

I wanted to have a landing page and an online presence where I could communicate with potential readers and have a direct relationship with them. If they wanted something special for their PDF book – like a different page color or dedicated to someone special, I could do that for them immediately – with no problem. That requires more freedom and flexibility than the classic approaches currently available. It’s also probably why I have  wanted to do my own typesetting and book cover making. I can change things easily and on-the-fly.

So I kept praying and waiting on the Lord to show me what to do with new Christian books that I was beginning to write and professionally typeset. I kept being drawn to just having a modest presence here.

I decided to re-purpose an old WordPress business account – one that had been languishing for quite a while; paid yearly,  but underused – and set up shop off the beaten track, but still among those who blog and write.

Then I thought,  if I’m feeling that there’s a need that’s going unfulfilled, perhaps  other writers feel the same — especially new writers and/or  Christian/Messianic Jewish writers.  The model that is most near to the idea in my mind of a Christ-centered book service is Creation Swap, which is a great place to find both “for purchase” and “free” Christian images. There is, however, a limit on how many free images a month.

For now,  this little website  is far simpler.

Theophilusbooks.com is for Christian/Messianic Jewish writers to have an online presence, to either supplement what they currently have or as a primary starting off point. There is also affordable publishing services available for anyone who would like professional typesetting for content – books and other documents.

The website is free, it’s new, and it will evolve, as our Lord directs.

  • If you are a writer with Christian/Messianic Jewish content, please consider including an author page here. Click on For Authors for more details.
  • If you are a Christian/Messianic Jewish writer and your unruly docx content needs professional typesetting and/or content editing, please click on services for more information.
  • If you are a secular writer in need of affordable publishing services, we love gentiles too!
  • If you are a reader, please support new writers and/or Christian/Messianic Jewish authors and buy a book!

All Glory to Our Father,


Website Image Source:  Scott Foster | CreationSwap