For Authors

Dear Author,

This website is for Christian/Messianic Jewish authors who would like a supplementary place to advertise or link to sell books and other documents or notions.  New writers are especially welcomed.

Unlike most websites that require fees or a membership to enroll for the privilege of having a landing page, we have no such requirements, except that your work is biblical and is inspired by the Holy Spirit.

You can sell your work however you like and for any cost — including for free.  At a minimum, an image of your book cover, an excerpt from the book, the cost of the book, your name, and any location links where people can purchase it or download it,  is necessary.  You may link back to your business or personal website,  to Amazon, to PayPal, or other avenues.

This is a new, free and evolving service, so there is only a benefit and little risk for having your work advertised and linked here.

For  writers who would like their content professionally typeset,  a book cover, or who need content evaluation and editing, we have very affordable publishing services available. Please click on the services link for more details.  For people who can’t afford these services, bartering and other Christian methods of fair exchange are available.

Here is what we do not do:

  1. We are a free Christian/Messianic Jewish alternative to secular and corporate approaches to presenting your Christ-inspired content. Therefore, we do not prepare your documents for corporate entities such as Amazon, who have a closed system approach. This means they have their own parameters for how they set up your ebook.  We can however, link to any location and therefore, to any book you wish.   Hardcover or digital can be advertised here on the book page and personal author page.
  2.  Our typesetting and book cover services create PDF documents.  We do not format for other file types.  While you can convert to other file types, the conversions can be iffy. If you want your content professionally presented  in PDF form, we are the service for you!
  3. In order to keep our publishing services so affordable, we work with a list of tried and true flexible templates and chapter styles that successfully serve the needs of 99% of writers. If for any reason, your book requires extraordinary effects, we may be able to do it, but the fee may be higher or we might not be able to do it.  Just email us and let us know what you need!
  4. We only accept original work. However, if you have a public Christian document that is not already in our free download section, we would greatly appreciate you sending us the file so that we can include it.

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