George H. Warnock

GW_2007-1Bio:   From early childhood I had only one thought in mind, as to how I would spend my life, and that was to become involved in the work of the Gospel. I think the fact that I was raised up almost from death, had much to do with the thought I had: did God raise me up for a purpose? I was around 5 years old when I came as close to death as one could come…with pneumonia and other complications. Finally one day my dad took my sister by the hand and they walked down to the Canadian National railway station and dad sent a telegram to his mother-in-law (my maternal grandma): “Please pray for Georgie, he is almost gone.”

My grandmother was “baptized with the Holy Ghost and Fire”…as I often heard her say years later. It happened in the great Pentecostal revival that swept through Winnipeg, in the early part of the last century. Out of that experience the Lord Jesus became her Lord and King, her Saviour, her Provider, her Great Physician. They were on a homestead far removed from the help of a doctor. One time one of her sons lay dying on his bed with a ruptured appendix. She looked for no help other than her Great Physician – and her son was raised up, and lived to be an old man. A cow or a horse that was sick – she would go to the barn and lay hands on them, and they would be healed. Anyway, when she got the telegram she went to fervent prayer immediately, and I was raised up by a miracle. I sat up in bed that very day, and gradually returned to full strength.

Oh how great and majestic and powerful the Church appears to be in our day. But in actuality…how weak, how poor, how miserable, how blind, how wretched she really is.

And our Lord stands at the door, and begs for admittance, that He might come to us with the “white raiment” of His righteousness, with the “anointing oil” for our eyes…with the “gold, tried in the fire”…that we might be rich.


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