Typesetting & Resumé Services

Using LaTeX , I professionally typeset information and/or creative content such as ebooks, manuscripts, technical-operating-training, and user manuals, newsletters, resumés with matching cover letters, personal statements, theses, research papers, grant proposals, and more!  The file format is PDF.

Text updates and text version changes readily available at a nominal fee or no charge, with a client account. This service is available for schools, churches, businesses, non-profits,  NGO’s, and individuals.

Reduced rates apply for the currently unemployed, veterans, and for students preparing for post-graduate work, or post-secondary education such as college or trade school. For people already employed, update your existing resumé today with a fresh and contemporary look!



PDF eBook Publishing Services Available

Book Covers                 $75   Fall 2019 Special: $60.00

















Very General Pricing

LaTeX Professional Typesetting: Cover Letters, Resume’s, Technical Manuals, Books, etc…

1-4 pgs                           $80 includes review and editing

5-10 pgs                         $150 includes review and editing


11-50 pgs                       $250

51-100 pgs                     $300

101-200 pgs                   $350

Content Review and Editing

11-50 pgs                       $100

51-100 pgs                     $200

101-200 pgs                   $350

Curate Blog Articles by Topic  into PDF collections or ebooks

This is an excellent way to organize and present your best work!

ISBN                               $30

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